Weekly Review 5/13/24


What’s been taking up brain space the past week:

  • Growing tired of the same themes and mental run arounds. Just talking and writing myself in circles with no resolution or conclusion or movement.
  • Are these “old tapes” that run in my head still valid and accurate? Or have they become so rehearsed that I just automatically assign the story without questioning its validity.
  • Do I need a daily routine? For my drawing/creating, journaling and writing here for this site. Does that force it into the “should” category vs doing it for the right reasons?
  • Feeling like life is just flying by and I’m just watching it all go past.
  • Feeling blunted and flat
  • Ralph Steadman. Which led me to use my grandfather’s dip pen, which always makes me smile and feel closer to him.
  • The good energy from a group workout at work. Enjoyed the collective pushing ourselves together.

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