Writing Along the Path


I’ve been chewing on the concept of feeling like my writing is cyclical. That I just write in a circle with no resolution or main point or conclusion. Some of it is intentional to not put too much pressure on myself to make long posts that tie things together super well. But even if my short writings I feel like I just write in circles.

In James Clear’s newsletter today he talked about the need to write to figure out what you want to say. That by continuing to show up and write I’ll discover what I want to say. But sitting on the sidelines and not writing waiting for the right thing to write or to know what to write will hinder my growth.

I read that and thought about the writing I’ve done here. I don’t feel like I know what I want to write about or what these themes are and what I want to say or the point I’m trying to make. But I do believe that I have to keep writing and little by little I’ll discover what it is to write about.

I talked recently about the path and wanting to walk the right one, but this isn’t the same thing. This is about showing up to write about whatever I feel like even if it doesn’t all connect or have a theme or make sense. Cause putting words down are like steps on the path. I’ll never see what’s ahead if I don’t write. I’ll stay right where I am. And that’s not where I want to be.

And while I don’t know where it is that I do want to be, I know it’s not here. So the way to move along this path is to keep writing cause I do trust that process to lead me to where I’m supposed to be and to what it is I’m here to write about.

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