The metaphor of this place being a digital garden fits along with all the other gardening metaphors which apply to creativity. Kening Zhu talks about this a lot and it’s part of the reason her work has resonated.

Some times you need to let the garden rest and let the seeds grow. But the balance must be struck to make sure those seeds are being planted.

Feel like each post I write hovers around polarity. The balance between whatever ends of the spectrum. Yin and yang. Taoism. There will never be an answer cause I can’t have one without the other. You can’t have beauty without ugliness. And so on.

It’s an interesting concept that makes my brain short circuit a bit. Like when you think about how we are but a small speck in the universe and how much is out there.

The reminder is to live in the mystery. It doesn’t need to be solved. Both exist so let them exist and see where I’m led.

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