Flowing In & Out


The more I’m aware and think about life and the various things and seasons which run through it, the theme of flow keeps coming up which in turn makes me connect to Taoism. I’m no expert but have done a decent amount of reading on the topic over the last couple years and the ideas and themes can impact so much.

I mean I shouldn’t be surprised cause anything that’s still resonant thousands of years later must have some info that applies and is helpful. Even though I struggle to totally let go and release into the flow of life. Which probably means I need to do that since the work I resist most is the work I need to do.

But I noticed today being in a state of flow where the creative energy was tangible. I’m a bit annoyed at myself for not taking that energy and making something, but it was this state where I could feel like there was an energy coursing through me and it felt creative or that I was able to connect things. It was a kind of freedom to explore and try things out. There wasn’t a flash of inspiration and I had this vision of a piece of art I wanted to make, but it was this feeling my senses were more awakened and in tuned.

I mentioned flow cause this is not an everyday occurrence. But now that the moment has passed, I’m reflecting on the concept of flow and how it just flowed in and then it flowed out. And it wasn’t in some great flourish or elaborate thing, it was just like the wind: one moment it was here and the next it was gone.

Trying not to beat myself up about missing the opportunity to create while that moment was here, but it is what it is. And trusting the flow is part of the work and it’s also about not forcing things. To just let them be and evolve and change how they’re supposed to. Just like a river doesn’t flow water right or wrong. It just does. A tree doesn’t grow branches right or wrong, it just is. Same principle applies to me. To just be and be open to the flow and see where it leads. So I’ll put the win with the fact that I noticed this flow state vs being unaware when it was in my midst. And to know that the flow will show up again.

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