Ocean & Swim Lanes


I read a quote on Kening Zhu’s website that spun my brain.

I can’t find the link at the moment or quote, but the gist is that her brother didn’t know how to help her as she cast off on her own away from a traditional job cause she was in the ocean and not in a swim lane. It’s easier to help people and feel less scared for them when they’re in the swim lane. The ocean is scary.

This got me thinking about how I try to show up at work, which is swim lane all the way. Yet I’ve been able to bring some ocean in with me to the corporate world. I’m able to bring how I am to my coworkers and show up for them and be authentically me. It’s like I’ve brought the ocean into the swimming lane with me.

That or there’s an underground ocean beneath the swim lane. Kind of like the hollow earth theory from the show Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. That there’s this whole other world beneath our world where the titans like Godzilla, Kong, etc came from and live.

Don’t know and can’t connect all the dots but that’s ok. I don’t have to and it’s not my job to connect them. Sometimes it’s ok to wonder. Trying to rest in that concept vs having it all figured out.

The Mary Rueffle quote: “I’d rather wonder than know.” Is ringing in my brain. So I’ll leave it there for now.

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