Rest vs. Action


Feeling fatigued today, which has forced me to wrestle with the polarity of resting or doing things to maintain momentum. There’s probably no right answer, hell there probably isn’t a wrong answer. Well maybe pushing through and going to run a marathon would be wrong, but you get what I’m saying.

Especially now when I’m trying to build habits to sustain creativity, it’s a tough crossroads to come to. To know what to do or not do. But life is all about constraints and how I work with them. Yet my brain tries to make the right or best decision (Libras for the win). Letting go of this desire to make the best decision is a struggle for me. Part of it is fear of making the wrong decision will lead me down a path I might not want to go down, which will then lead to more work to get back on the right path. But the other voice in my head reminds me that going down the wrong path can actually be a great learning experience.

See, this is also what I’m good at: talking myself around in circles. Which then leads to frustration, which then makes me want to just stop all together cause I feel like it’s not productive. I’m working on leaning into that idea and concept, but I’m going against LOTS of years of programming. It’s ok for things not to be productive or have a point. At least that’s what I tell myself.

So going back to the idea that started this whole thing….rest or action. What to do, what to do. I’ve landed on action-light. Honor what my body is telling me that it’s tired, but still honor the part of me that feels called to create and plant seeds here in this digital garden. Cause I believe that’s work which feeds and nourishes my soul, which will help me heal and rest. It’s restorative action, which is what we need when we’re not feeling our best.

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