Weekly Review 5/20/24

Artwork Journal

Things that have been taking up brain space this week:

  • Feeling stalled out on topics or reminders to journal about
  • The idea of looking at things and decisions with the question “what would a _____ do?” The blank being “artist” or “athlete” or “present spouse” or “attentive Dad” etc
  • The enjoyment of making a mixtape for my father in law
  • Do I create a set schedule to post or write or create? Like every Monday I’ll post something or every Friday I’ll share 5 things from my week. As a way to keep myself accountable for creating and showing up.
  • Feeling stuck and in a bad mood and then creating a collage to try and capture those emotions. And then feeling lighter after making a collage.

Here are some of the things I created this week:

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