Connecting Process


Exploring and trying to rest in the process. I know it’s cliche, but I do believe there’s energy there vs focusing on turning out something good or worthwhile. By only focusing on the output. It’s only by doing that progress happens.

I don’t get better as an artist, spouse, athlete, parent, employee if I don’t focus on the process. To ensure that feels good and is aligned with who I want to be in the world.

It’s easy to fall out of process when I’m not focused on it or I’m putting the emphasis on the outcome of it. So I’m trying to lean in on the daily process while letting go of expectations. It’s not easy as I’m hard wired to feel like things need to have a purpose or outcome. Cause if they don’t, then why bother doing them? But it’s not an all or nothing situation. The other thing I need is to challenge my mindset on the polar opposite outcomes being the only results. Chances are things will fall between those extremes. I struggle to see that middle ground as well.

So I either have a process or I don’t. What if I flip that to have a process for just today? Maybe it looks like it did yesterday or last week, but I don’t have to establish a process today and live with it the rest of my life. Cause the odds are pretty good that I’ll evolve, life will evolve and so will my process.

It will never be perfect. Never capture all the facets, so make the best possible choice for today, for this moment, trust in that, commit and do it. Then move forward and approach it all again tomorrow. When these daily things build, it will be easy to look back and see the progress and evolution and how all the dots connect. But that’s impossible now!

So trust in the process of this moment and as long as it aligns to who I want to be or how I want to show up in the world, the rest doesn’t matter. It doesn’t need to connect to something else or draw a theme. It can just be. The thread and themes come later after the process has been going for a little bit. But it can’t establish itself without me first doing the thing.

Plus I believe in the universe to illuminate my path, but I need to do my part first. And that part now is the daily process. And then start again tomorrow. Let the universe connect the dots, she’s good at that. But I can control me and that starts with my process today.

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