Weekly Review 6/24/24

Artwork Journal

What’s been taking up brain space this week along with what I created this week.

  • Connecting with close friends. Always grateful for their presence and feeling seen and heard.
  • Reminding myself about doing spiral check-ins
  • Trying to give myself grace for not showing up as much in my journal as I’d like as my mileage ramps up for my 50k race in 8 weeks.
  • Reminding myself there’s only 24 hours in a day and how I’m choosing to prioritize my time to have training take up so much of it. That I’ll return again and in the meantime do what I can do when I can. And that’s enough.
  • Wins: getting to the end of another journal, running a total of 23 miles over the weekend, getting transparency and acknowledgement of boundaries, not putting pressure on myself to use the summer solstice and full moon energy “well” while still being intentional.

Here’s what got created this week:

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