Weekly Review 6/10/24

Artwork Journal

What’s been taking up brain space for me the past week.

  • Reminder that my energy and emotions fluctuate from day to day. To pay attention and be aware but just let them be and observe. Like clouds passing in the sky.
  • Annoyed at myself for circling on the same concepts. But are they figure out-able? Is there an other side to them? Do I need to move to acceptance that they’ll never be answered? Cause trying to solve them hasn’t worked.
  • The magic of re-visiting old journals. Discovering old practices and ideas. And reminder of the evolution of my artwork. But I have to keep showing up and creating for this evolution to happen.
  • Creating just to live the quote by Sarah Leavitt to make a “pile of imperfect things”.
  • Also reminding myself of what Lynda Barry says about creating to have an experience.

Here’s some of what I created this week

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