Trail Run 4/27/24


Read about this journaling concept of various levels of experiencing from Kening Zhu’s latest newsletter and I took that approach to my latest run in the woods on the trails of 9.5 miles. I enjoyed the experience of thinking about it through these lenses.


The sound of the wind in the trees, trees creaking in the wind, sun coming out from behind the clouds so rapidly like someone flipped a light switch, green showing up all over the forest, pink and white leaves and flowers, deer, turkeys, the bright blue color on the male turkey, almost stepped on a squirrel, rabbit.

Inner Reactions

strong, weak, self doubt, confidence, calm, connected, relief to finally have a strong run

Inner Vision

could I do this 3 more times?, running the trails with 2 of my dearest friends, grateful I met one of those friends in theses woods who ultimately introduced me to my wife

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