This Run


Went for a 7 mile run while visiting the in-laws. So not my normal running route, but gotta make do with what I can. I was reminded as I was struggling a bit during the first half worrying about race day in August that how could I expect to run 31 miles if I was slugging through mile 2.

Reminded myself that I wasn’t running for August, I was running for today. But today’s run would help me get to the start line for August. I can’t get to August race day if I’m not out here now.

I’d love to say that snapped me out of it and the rest of my run was amazing, but that’s not the case. Overall it was good and I felt better than when I started.

Running has taught me many things over the past 15+ years, but always good to get reminders like today’s lesson: only worry about this run right here. That’s all that matters.

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