Restorative Rest


Thankfully the fatigue that was kicking my butt has passed and with it came renewed energy and a desire to get back to my practices.

It was a reminder that rest is good. To listen to my body and what my intuition is telling me. That’s hard to do sometimes cause I feel like I need to force myself to create in order to keep the practice going. That whole waiting for inspiration to strike theory doesn’t lead to getting to work done. Putting my butt in the chair is how the practice grows and evolves.

But mindful rest can be good and restorative. That’s what I’m telling myself in this moment. Reminding myself. Also reminding myself that I know the difference between when I truly need rest and when I just don’t want to and I need to do it anyway.

I learned the mindful rest just now and writing this out is helping that lesson sink in. Each time I write, I can’t help but see the thread of the Tao and going with the flow. It’s annoying and reaffirming at the same time.

Back at it now. Until the next time my body tells me it’s time to rest.

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