Randomness in Art

Artwork Journal

This was made blasting out the ink from my blunt tipped syringe after I refilled my Pentel brush pen. I just love the randomness of this. It always makes me smile to see what shows up.

In fact that’s a lot of artwork I like to make and/or resonate with. Lots of stuff taken from Lynda Barry: scribble monsters, see where the pen wants to go, collage. It’s certainly help break out of wanting things to “look good” or look real. While I appreciate the skill to make things look realistic, that’s not what resonates with me.

The random style of drawing has also acted as a kind of permission to make things that don’t look realistic. For so many years I believed that the only good artwork was realistic. That’s what our society has programmed into us as well. But discovering Lynda 3+ years ago has cracked open a creative flow where randomness is encouraged and can also serve as the catalyst for creating something. It takes out the pressure of having an idea or knowing what to create. The randomness breaks through all that so I can get to the most important thing: creating something.

All this ran through my mind as I blasted out the ink onto the paper and got me thinking about the art I enjoy consuming and most importantly the art I enjoy making have some element of randomness in them. It’s always fun to see what or who shows up.

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