Pulled In


I’m grateful I’ve learned to lean in when I’m pulled into someone’s art. To not question why or try to interpret it. To make it rational. Instead I’ve learned to trust the lean in and just go with it. See where it leads. Maybe they become someone to be added to my creative family tree. Maybe they’ll hold my interest for 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter. The key thing is putting aside the rational piece and listening to my intuition that is being pulled in.

Cause when we break it down, none of us like being pushed TO something. We’d rather be pulled INTO something. It’s a key distinction. Being pulled keeps the onus of control with us vs being led around by marketing speak or funnel scenarios. It reflects what’s truly inside us if we let ourselves listen to it. Too often I’ve been led to believe that my inner voice isn’t something worth listening to or to be trusted. It’s taken me a lot of my adult life to break up with that shutting down voice so that my true wants and needs can come through.

I don’t have it solved yet and it’s probably life work for me, but I’ve come far enough in my journey to see that I’m not where I used to be and allow myself to be pulled into things freely without questioning it. It’s pretty magical when it happens and the encounters always lead to more output or an evolution in my work and practice.

So this is me writing to remind myself to be grateful to be pulled into things and to trust the process and don’t try to understand the mystery. It’s ok to stay in the wondering phase vs knowing.

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