Magic of the Woods


I was reminded for the millionth time how much I love nature while running the trails this morning. Spring has come enough that there’s so much green, the birds were signing, the squirrels and chipmunks were chirping and scurrying and the sun was shining between the tree trunks and leaves. It was magical!

Which filled me up that out of my mouth came a mini song “I love nature!” That was it, but came out unprompted and spontaneous. Yet wasn’t out of the ordinary in my opinion.

There’s just something about moving my body through the woods that speaks to my soul and calms my energy. I’m so grateful I have these woods so close to home that I can run and hike in. I feel home in them, which is pretty magical to have places like that I can return to.

This picture captures a little bit of the magic I experienced today, but pictures can never do justice to the wonder of nature. But they can stir up memories and emotions of the moment, which are an adequate substitute for matters of the heart and soul.

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